Sarbanes-Oxley Advisory and Implementation Services

Many companies struggle to meet the complex and time-consuming challenges of applying the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) properly within their spheres of business.

RyanSharkey understands these challenges; we encounter them every day, and we’ve structured our SOX Implementation services to help clients of varied industries and sizes to comply with the governing laws of SOX.

RyanSharkey SOX professionals advise clients on the full range of SOX issues. Our services include:

  • Implementation and maintenance of sustainable SOX 404 compliance programs, including:
    • - Readiness assessments
    • - Documentation and testing assistance
    • - Sustainability assessments
    • - Training to support a successful SOX 404 compliance program
  • SOX documentation of control environments, including:
    • - Network diagrams
    • - Process flow charts
    • - Narratives for general computing controls
  • Comprehensive risk assessment, including:
    • - Identifying processes
    • - Entity-level controls
    • - Business controls, and information technology (IT) general controls
    • - Identifying key and missing controls
  • Identifying and documenting financial reporting processes, including:
    • - Testing key controls and documenting results
    • - SOX risk testing in order to minimize waste and cost while ensuring compliance
    • - Developing a customized SOX process based on unique requirements
  • Remediation of control gaps

With RyanSharkey’s SOX Advisory Services, clients can:

  • Leverage leading-edge processes, practices and insights in order to devise and implement a customized and cost-effective approach to SOX 404 compliance
  • Decrease documentation and testing time
  • Gain valuable insight on the ways in which risks correlate to executive management decisions
  • Obtain best-in-practice strategies for managing risks through internal controls over financial reporting (IRCR)  
  • Devise and implement year-on-year SOX 404 compliance improvements that can drive down costs and maximize SOX 404 compliance efforts

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