Professional Enrichment

Committed to excellence and advancement.

The professionals at RyanSharkey are focused, determined, entrepreneurial-minded thinkers with a steadfast commitment to providing first-rate solutions to our clients. They work in a collaborative and dynamic environment that allows them to drive growth for our clients and the firm.
Our highly skilled and experienced professionals bring Big Four experience, industry expertise and specialty niche training to their work with the firm.

Training Programs

We embrace the concept of continuous learning. That’s why RyanSharkey provides a learning environment that helps our professionals grow in their practice areas. All training is designed to specifically meet individual needs and learning styles.  

  • Continuous Learning: We believe ongoing education and training is tantamount to providing superior client service. Through our comprehensive “Learning Ladders” program, RyanSharkey provides ongoing training and development for all levels of professionals, from basic staff training to senior-level courses, conferences and updates. Courses are taught through a combination of in-house experts, online courses, self-study and conference attendance.
  • CPA Exam Reimbursement: The firm pays fees related to CPA Exam study course materials and exam costs.
  • Individual Performance Goals: Each member of the RyanSharkey team has individual performance goals that align with the firm’s four strategic drivers. Knowing that things change, we provide the flexibility necessary to adjust these goals throughout the year.
  • Conference Attendance: We support conference attendance that supports individual development plans and new growth opportunities.
  • Professional Memberships: From local and national CPA associations to industry associations and events, RyanSharkey supports our employees with their professional memberships.

Mentoring Program

RyanSharkey fosters professional relationships between experienced and less seasoned employees. The program pairs people at all levels in order to provide the opportunity for career advisors to assist employees in improving individual performance, and to provide a resource to advisees throughout their careers. Mentors offer a great way to learn, not just for the practical areas of expertise, but also for best practices in client development skills and client relationship building.

Our mentoring program goes hand in hand with your individual development plans—i.e., performance management goals include mentoring touchpoints. We are dedicated to long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that make a difference for our team members and advance their professional careers.

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