What prevents tax professionals from maximizing their role as strategic leaders? For many, it comes down to lack of time and capacity. This is where tax transformation comes in. Fueled by technological innovation, growing compliance obligations, and competitive pressure, the revolution affecting tax has impacted businesses across all industries and countries.
The FASB recently issued ASU 2019-04 to clarify and improve guidance within the issued standards on credit losses, hedging and recognition and measurement of financial instruments.
If you are an investor in a company which issues digital tokens to raise capital, the SEC has good news for you. In a recent letter, the SEC stated it will not take enforcement action against such a company.
Defined benefit plan sponsors can once again offer retirees and beneficiaries receiving annuity payments a limited opportunity to convert their benefits into a lump sum.
Virginia recently adopted economic nexus thresholds for sales and use tax collection purposes, while North Dakota and Washington amended their existing rules. Other states simply codified their existing regulations or administrative guidance.
Up until now, financial statement preparers have had some leeway regarding the value of their company’s return on investments in equity securities. Typically, these securities were designated as “available for sale” with the corresponding gains or losses on the fair value of those securities recorded through other comprehensive income. Now that has all changed.
As a positive first step in addressing the 2017 tax reform drafting error involving qualified improvement property, bipartisan legislation was introduced in March that would correct this drafting error and make it effective as if it had been apart of the original 2017 tax reform act.
As plan sponsors outline their strategies for the year, we have identified several trends that are shaping the employee benefits landscape and creating opportunities for employers to implement best practices to meet the needs of their workforces.
An update to ASC 715 incorporating new pension accounting standards will impact the way plan sponsors approach the recognition of pension liability settlements. Although these accounting standard changes will impact all pension plan sponsors, the focus of this article is on the treatment of additional pension costs resulting from pension risk transfer activities.
Surprises are rarely good. There are many different emotions that come with the experience of surprise: fear, anxiety, and joy—to name a few. Deals can also cause the same emotions for a deal maker. The following are a few stories and some suggestions on how to avoid unpleasant surprises.