Client-driven. Flexible. Growth-oriented. Fun.

We know we don’t sound like your average CPA firm—that’s because our corporate culture is far from average. At RyanSharkey, we embrace individuals for their independent thinking and high-quality work ethic, and we fully support opportunities for their professional growth.

At the same time, we recognize that our employees have families, hobbies and community interests. With a true focus on balance, we promote an atmosphere that allows our people to shine in all aspects of their lives.

Here are some of the reasons our employees enjoy working with us:

  • Strategic Drivers: RyanSharkey has a culture that promotes, supports and rewards our professionals for embracing our core values. Our four strategic drivers focus on our clients, our teams and the continued growth of the firm; they are incorporated into our performance management goals and throughout our practice areas. You’ll see them reflected visually throughout the firm, from posters to mousepads to our internal newsletters.
  • Attire: We don’t have an assigned jeans day—that’s because we think any time our professionals aren’t meeting with clients, they should be comfortable.
  • Celebrations: We like to celebrate! From end-of-busy-season parties and holiday festivities to friendly wellness competitions and sports, we take the time to embrace fun throughout the year.
  • Catered Meals: Every week, you will be served breakfast or lunch, courtesy of RyanSharkey. We also keep a kitchen fully stocked with beverages and healthy snacks.
  • Fitness and Wellness: We support fitness and wellness through complimentary access to an on-site gym; we also hold a number of fitness competitions and stock our kitchen with health amenities. We count walking steps using a shared app, and we cheer each other on along the way!
  • Extracurricular Activities: Whether it’s through participation in intramural sports or attending professional sporting events, we love to cheer on our teams!
  • Community Enrichment: We encourage and support participation in civic organizations and donate to the community on a regular basis. Our culture embraces individuals for their unique talents and encourages forward-thinking solutions and innovative strategies. Professionals at RyanSharkey can have a fulfilling career doing what they love in a supportive, rewarding environment.

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