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SEC Publishes Framework Regarding Whether Digital Assets Are Securities

If you are an investor in a company which issues digital tokens to raise capital, the SEC has good news for you. In a recent letter, the SEC stated it will not take enforcement action against such a company.

M&A Stories – How to "Deal" with Unwelcome Surprises

Surprises are rarely good. There are many different emotions that come with the experience of surprise: fear, anxiety, and joy—to name a few. Deals can also cause the same emotions for a deal maker. The following are a few stories and some suggestions on how to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Guide for Software Companies Being Acquired by Private Equity

Software company founders and CEOs often get inquiries from private equity (PE) firms interested in striking a deal to acquire or invest in their company. Depending on the offer, this could be the perfect opportunity to take their company to the next level or to achieve an optimal exit. But how can they recognize such an opportunity? The answer to that question is, in part, what this article aims to provide.

Importance of Net Working Capital (NWC) in M&A

Is additional spending for legal and accounting fees post transaction worth resolving a working capital disagreement? How about the disruptive impact of management distractions and the related cost of a working capital dispute on operations? Buyers and sellers can avoid these potential challenges by performing a comprehensive net working capital analysis prior to closing a transaction.

Last Call for New Revenue Recognition Standards

Time is running out, but it’s not too late for private companies to get set for the new revenue recognition standards. The FASB’s guidance is effective in 2019 for annual reporting periods, and in 2020 for interim periods. While this gives private companies a bit more time before they have to report under the new standard, the time to act is now.

Technology's Balancing Act: 10 Tech Predictions for 2019

Over the past year, U.S. tech companies have been at the center of attention on a national and global stage. Whether it’s dealing with a growing number of regulations, or shoring up data privacy measures in response to heightened scrutiny, the industry now faces several critical questions. How the industry responds will dictate its fate in the years to come.

7 Simple Measures That Can Help Protect Against Internet Fraud

For years we have been hearing about major internet fraud schemes. The question is, are you taking some simple steps to protect yourself? Security breaches are not going away anytime soon, so it’s critical that you take some measures to secure your finances.

4 Essential Keys to Leadership for Fast-Growth Companies

Even businesses with the most growth potential will encounter challenges and have difficult decisions to make on the way to success. What’s the difference between those which maneuver successfully and those who get tangled up in the chaos? Leadership.

Managing Risk in M&A Deals – Investigative Due Diligence

Access to information is one of the keys to managing risk in an M&A transaction. Investigative due diligence should be placed alongside legal and financial diligence as a critical component of a buyer’s diligence process.

How Contractors Can Overcome Revenue Recognition Challenges

When the Financial Accounting Standards Board finally revealed its new revenue recognition standard back in 2014, the standard was beyond complex. As a result, the FASB formed 16 industry task groups to clarify and explain the standard, and issued five related standards. The new standard includes a comprehensive five-step process that an entity should consider when assessing revenue recognition on its contracts.