Leadership Team

How does the RyanSharkey team describe ourselves?

Trusted We are advisors, contributors and valued collaborators
Strategic We apply forward-thinking, personalized solutions for our clients unique needs  
DynamicWe have diverse Big Four backgrounds with large client experience 
ConfidentWe are highly skilled practitioners with successful clients, engaged employees and the success stories to prove it

The nature of our client engagements require that we employ experienced people who are capable of providing both accounting and business advice. RyanSharkey’s team has the backgrounds necessary to deliver highly sophisticated services to our clients, while offering career growth opportunities for our people. Our professionals are integrally involved in each of our client engagements, delivering a level of financial acumen, business experience and personalized service that sets us apart.

Get to know our team and discover how our real-life experiences and skilled expertise motivates us.

Edward Ryan, CPA

Co-Founder / Audit & Advisory Partner

David Sharkey, CPA

Co-Founder / Tax Partner

Anthony Ricciardella, CPA

Audit & Advisory Partner

Michael Davis, CPA

Audit & Advisory Partner

Ashley Dunn, CPA

Tax Partner

Fran Randall, CPA

Tax Partner

Travis Sherman, CPA

Tax Partner

Ricky White, CPA

Audit & Advisory Partner

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